Gio Photos

Trust is made of this

Trust is made of this

I began the blog with this pic and thought I might delete it now that I want to upload some more. But then, I think this is a good start… the place where we all begin….

To begin my collection of photos, feel free to visit:


1. Mussoorie trip 09: Pics taken during my trip to Mussoorie – Dehradun – Agra this summer

2. I’m like a bird…: A reflection on the symbolism of birds with pics of birds I have managed so far

3. DPS assignments: A collection of photo assignments submitted to the Digital Photography School

4. Weekend in Raia, Goa: Pictures of a weekend trip to South Goa

5. Entomophobia: The Fear of Insects: Insects in and around places I have visited

6. Bondla Sunday: Flora and Fauna of the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

7. Real – Unreal: Kala Academy: Architecture of Kala Academy in pictures

8. Sea shells on the sea shore – Quegdevelim beach: An evening of photography at the beach

9. The other side of Panjim: An amazing panorama of Panjim city from a unique vantage point

10. Does a zoo complete a sanctuary?: Revisiting the Bondla wildlife sanctuary, this time with the zoo in focus

11. Merci flower: A rare flower spotted during an evening walk

12. Neem – the flower: Photography accompanied with scientific research

13. Spring Time: Fresh water spring in the heart of Mapusa

14. Gateway of India, Mumbai: The place I liked best in Mumbai

15. Dona Paula sunset: A picturesque moment at Dona Paula

16. Chocolate: An attempt at product photography

17. Chameleon: Quick thinking photography

18. Our Lady of the Mount Chapel: A relaxed evening spent atop the mount with a panoramic view of the Churches of Old Goa

19. A miracle called LIFE: A new addition in the D’Cunha-Fernandes family

20. Amazing cirles: An addictive form of displaying photos

21. Animal Antics: Time for the insect world to show-off their skills

22. Mollem Magic: Wildlife photography at the Mollem sanctuary

23. Pictures from a plane: My first flight and first attempt at airplane photography

24. Reis Magos: pictures of the Reis magos fort in Goa

25. Transformers: Photoshoot with transformer collectibles

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