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12 Months of Photography

“The Best of 2009” – you see the cliche everywhere. Every website, every TV channel, and every person speaks about the best of the past… This time I decided to hitch a ride on this bandwagon! Here is a list of 12 of the best pics I clicked in 2009, one for each month.


Safe Harbor


Man of Contrast



Blue Lotus


Framed Taj



What is this life if full of care...?


A miracle called - LIFE!


Landing or Taking off?


Rise and Fall


The Lighthouse


Noise or Nature

Happy New Year to all of You!!!! Happy Clicking 2010!

Christmas-sy feeling again

While looking around for some inspirational Christmas pictures, I came upon this triptych. There was something that caught my eye in this oil painting. A king was represented as of African descent! This led me to do a little research.

Magi (wise men from the East), in the Gospel account of Christ’s birth, saw a new star and, believing it to be a divine omen, came to honor the one marked for future greatness. Ancient astronomers were astrologists, interpreting their observations of the heavens in relation to human affairs. The wise men were traditionally depicted as of different ages, and, by the Renaissance, the youngest was depicted as an African.

Pieter Coecke van Aelst (August 14, 1502 – December 6, 1550) was a Flemish painter is the creator of the “Adoration of the Magi”. Pieter Coecke traveled to Constantinople in 1533 to work for the Turkish Sultan. From this experience, he knew how to depict Near Easterners and Africans accurately. The altarpiece was commissioned by Elisabeth van Langenhove, according to the damaged inscription on the frame.

So much for the academics! Warm Christmas wishes to everyone!!! 🙂

Caught in the web

Another one of those blink-and-miss shots. Thanks Elton for pointing out this giant spider! Was quite a challenge to focus on the spider amidst all the foliage.

Caught in the web

Noise or Nature?

When you have friends down from Mumbai for the weekend, the first question is where do you head to? I like to pose this question to them each time: Noise or Nature? (and hope the answer will be the latter)! Once again the vote was for nature, and we headed to the Monte at Old Goa. There I captured this breathtaking sunset.

Photo Walk – IFFI

IFFI – The International Film Festival of India, in Goa. And every year, there is one question on the mind of the general public, “What’s in it for us?” Well, for those like me who had no delegate passes, I decided to walk down the IFFI promenade and use it as a photo opportunity over the weekend

The Naval Brass Band welcomes the crowd

Opening windows the new cultures

Fruits of GOA

Traditional goan house depicting Goan tiatr

Illuminated window

Using local talent as models 😉

Marquinez Palace - The IFFI building