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The Grape Escapade

Wine… it’s an acquired taste… and I would not claim to be a connoisseur. Every year I wanted to be at the Grape Escapade, this time I made it!

Welcome to the Grape Escapade

The INOX courtyard, Goa was transformed like I had never seen it before, from the entrance with huge wine casks to the little cartoon cutouts everywhere, and the stalls serving authentic goan dishes with a dash of wine!

Goa and wines go hand in hand!

Take your pick

Even the deco was wine-like

...ah yes! you could taste wine for free 😉

The day ended on a memorable note… with a candle light dinner topped, of course, with… a bottle of white wine 😉

Wine by candle light

Tourist in my own land

How does it feel to be a tourist in your hometown? To be herded around and explained your own cultural roots? To be taken for a fool as to the prices of taxis and food?

Everytime I saw those long queues of tourists lined up for their dose of the boat cruise, I would loathe the fact that tourism is the backbone of the Goan economy!

And then I decided, let’s become a tourist for a day! A first hand experience! I wanted the experience and even paid for it and went to a place which i have always avoided… the cruise on the river Mandovi.

City Cruise

Dont be misled by this pic… it is NOT a serene sunset. I just signed off from the noisy city (Patto bridge) and signed up for even more noise…

This is NOT the boat we took!

I just didn’t choose the veteran Santa Monica, because in case of an eventuality, I can’t really boast of being a good swimmer! Princessa de Goa, was the unanimous choice.

Trigger happy

The moment the boat sets off everyone… yes, everyone begins totting a camera/ handycam/ cell phone around.

Dhinch Dhinch Dhinch

The DJ tries in vain to attract the tourists with a well-worn collection of the “latest” noise…

Glimpses of Goan Culture

Let me give you a little background info here. The cruise is meant to give tourists a glimpse into of the goan culture, and a ‘glimpse’ is all you get… 4 miserly dances… with atrocious commentaries convincing you that kunbi is a dance (historians, beware! the cruise is not meant for you!)

A word of advice. If you want to enjoy the cruise, look the other way! So while the real tourists made fools of themselves on the stage i turned my chair to face the wake of the boat and enjoyed the scenery floating by…

Look the other way

There is always one thing I have wondered… Among all my “tourist friends” who have visited Goa sometime or the other, not a single one mentioned the cruise as one of their memorable times in Goa…


Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.

The Rings

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
That is what I think to be ‘engaged’ means…

Two, in love can make it...

Congratulations... and celebrations!

How does it feel? Does it feel different? It does… ! It makes everything sound so official now…

I liked the way a friend of mine put it:
“it’s like when u first go to the pool u dont wanna get in cos u dont know how cold and how deep the water is…”

and I’d add: once you begin swimming, then the action begins!

Love, fresh air and good food 😉