Monthly Archives: May 2012

Evening in Mussoorie

The last day of my little holiday in Mussoorie. It was time to hit Mall Road, with the famous Kalsang Restaurant (famous for its delicious momos).

Managed to snap a few shots on the way back.

Wild flowers

6000 ft! Wow!

Winding roads of Mussoorie

Goa… here I come…

Monkeying around in Mussoorie

Well, with nothing much to do when at home, I thought of shooting monkeys from the balcony… with the camera of course 😉

The reason for the sign on the gate 🙂

Watching them even for 5 minutes can yield some fun pictures indeed. Here is a tiny sampling…

The Thinker

Hitching a ‘monkey-back’ ride

Monkey Siesta

What doth the future holdeth?

Mussoorie in Tilt Shift Mode

Mussoorie has always been a place where I have given vent to my photographic craziness. But there is a point where you see the same scene and wonder how else could you capture it.

Today, I set aside my camera and instead used my phone to capture these images.

Wynberg-Allen School Path

And here is another one…

Tilt shift shed

Had done an earlier post on tilt shift photography where you can find some more images in this genre.

Suffice to say, I am having a great holiday!