Angels, Demons & Ambigrams

Amen! I finally watched the film Angels & Demons.

And mind you it is not Robert Langdon’s interpretation of symbols that I am fascinated with, nor the manner in which Dan Brown weaves truth and fiction to hoodwink his readers. What I liked best are the ambigrams (words with rotational symmetry) — years of unrecognized work of John Langdon that shoots into the limelight with this book/film.

Here are the some of the ambigrams used in the film, and the final “illuminati diamond” (from the novel) that I have re-worked a bit in photoshop.

Yes. This is also an ambigram!

And here is the one I like best:

The Illuminati Diamond

Here is where you can generate an ambigram of your choice – Ambigram generator.

I made one of my name.

It's Jovi!

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