There is one thing that gives me a feeling of nostalgia and pride at the same time. It’s this fish-on-a-rope soap.

fish on a rope

Apparently Goa is the only place this soap is manufactured, so much so that when we had people from the North come and visit, there was a large consignment of these that they requested for!

fish on a rope - unboxed

Childhood memories of playing with this soap abound! There would always be one hanging above the sink at home and it would lead me to wonder who caught this “soap fish” for us.

A brief search on the internet did not tell me anything about it… so here is a bit of the manufacturing information that I could get:

fish on a rope - the soap

Manufactuing Industrial License No. GOA/56/03/2042

This soap is manufactured with full boiling process. After saponification, soap is milled in ribbons, perfume harmonisation is done with sigma mixture, then the noodles are plodded and soap is cut into pieces, then silk cord inserted and stampled with fish shape. In manufacturing soap does not come in contact with human beings.


4 responses to “Fish-on-a-Rope

  1. Hehe…I remember these…..they were at our place too…..i would play with it so much that at times my folks got angry about wasting soap and water!

  2. can u tell me where can i find this soap to buy. in hyderabad.

  3. From where I can buy fish soap on a rope in amritsar

  4. Where can I get this in Mumbai?

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