Animal Antics

At times it may appear I am living in a jungle (given the fact there is an overdose of greenery on this blog!). But then if you look closely, you will in fact find a world of creatures out there! And they are all out to have some fun.

Wassup dude?

Wassup dude?

What a challenging look this caterpillar gave me while I tried to frame it!

Can you do this???

Can you do this???

The caterpillar wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer each time I tried to push him away from the house, back into the leaves.

This perch is my perch

This perch is my perch

And this little cricket managed to stay this even though I tried to shake it off its perch.

3 responses to “Animal Antics

  1. good insects ! thank god we don’t get that many creepy crawlies at my place 🙂 and definitely not walking off the leaves and all 🙂

  2. Sorry…whatever you say….I do not like creepy crawley’s……..frooooooooooooooom far far away they’re OK

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