Mussoorie Trip ’09


Day 1: Delhi Darshan

Cooling glass

Cooling glass



Travelling Mumbai – Delhi by the Rajdhani was a long cherished dream that came true this day. The pic shows how cool the journey was in the sweltering heat of Mumbai beating on the window.



Hot seat

Hot seat


Just four halts on the way and in the morning I opened my eyes to see Delhi! The little orange bench was the only place free at the Delhi station (probably because it was out in the scorching sun)

Red Fort (Delhi)

Red Fort (Delhi)








No fancy pictures of Delhi. All I could capture was the tower of the Red Fort, while taking an auto ride from Delhi station to ISBT



Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home



From the hustle and bustle outside it’s great to rest in the warmth of a home.









Day 2: Monkeying around  




Monkey bond

Monkey bond







Social grooming

Social grooming



Woke up early the next day, only to find that the macaques were out there earlier than anybody else.







While some choose to bond with their babies, others take the more traditional path of social grooming.








This was one though just stood apart (probably the more meditative kind ;))


Along Mall Road

Along Mall Road

Evening saw us going down for a walk along Mall road, the shopping haunt of Mussoorie.









View from the balcony (click for larger view)


Day 3: Spring break

Song of the bird

Song of the bird

How can a morning be complete with the sounds of the birds. These were even ready to strike a few poses for the camera.













Mussoorie is known for its freshwater springs and here is a pic of one such little known one.












All along the path were these tiny flowers.









Sunset through the pines

Sunset through the pines




The end of another beautiful day








Day 4: Shahastra dhara

Everyone to whom I mentioned I was going to Mussoorie said: “You have to go to Shahastra dhara.” Why! It’s even described in great detail in the Lonely Planet guide. If you like crowds, this is the place to be. I on my part would not have any bit of those flowing waters wash me!

Sahastra dhara Ad

Sahastra dhara Ad

Double bubble

Double bubble


Got caught in a strong hailstorm on the way back—and to prove I am not exaggerating… here is a sample!




For the ones who like skies, here is a feast to the eyes





Day 5: Bhatta falls

Bhatta falls Panorama

Bhatta falls Panorama (click for larger view)


Two of the famous waterfalls in Mussoorie are Bhatta and Kempty. I jumped to the idea that Bhatta had lesser of the crowd and I was amply rewarded. Not only is the water crystal clear, but there is so much of wildlife around, you need to spend a day out there! Kudos to the people for keeping it clean!

The other side of Mussoorie

The other side of Mussoorie


Beauty is two sided… this is the underbelly of Mussoorie which I was lucky to witness.

Fidgety bird

Fidgety bird


Zoologists, help me here. This is one bird that just can’t sit still for a second.


EVENING WALK panorama (click for larger view)


Day 6: Dhanaulti

Welcome to Dhanolti

Welcome to Dhanolti

“What is there in Dhanaulti? It’s a small stretch from here to here. There is some eco-park out there but nothing else.” If I were to heed this advice and change plans of going to this place I would have to kick myself! Nature or noise, you make a choice. I chose the first and that made all the difference.

Here’s a sampling of the beauty of Dhanaulti. (Botanists, feel free to provide the names of the flora)

Elaichi tea / Lemon tea

Elaichi tea / Lemon tea


Dhanolti Panorama

Dhanolti Panorama (click for larger view)

DSC06637 copy

Give me red!

DSC06612 copy

Honey time


Paper flower 1


Paper flower 2

DSC06631 copy

There was an old man, who lived in a wood...


Vanishing point

DSC06682 copy

Up close



DSC06701 copy

The Bold and the Beautiful

DSC06614 copyDSC06659 copyDSC06666

After a refreshing hour’s drive back from Dhanaulti to Mussoorie, it was time to learn the ropes. The ropeway at Mussoorie takes people up some really steep ravines to the Himalayan view point. It’s literally a walk in the clouds (and some with their own silver linings too!)

DSC06762 copy

Himalayan View point

DSC06717 copy

Old Mussoorie

DSC06791 copy

Silver lining


Day 7: Yamuna bridge

DSC06898 copy

River Yamuna

Is it a river? Is it a bridge? All that I know, is that it’s beautiful. Sat by the river for half a day, just taking in the sights and sounds. There was water-rafting too, but the idea was quickly shelved.

DSC06891 copy

“You cannot leave Mussoorie if you have not seen the lights of Dehradun in the night.” And so, taking this warning very seriously, I braved the cold and got this panorama of the city lights.

Lights of Dehradun

Lights of Dehradun (click for larger view)


Day 8: Dehradun Drive

At the end of a week in Mussoorie-Dehradun, I consider myself a pro at the wheel. This is a pic of the Dehradun city from Mussoorie.

Dehradun from above!

Dehradun from above! (click for larger view)


ROAD copy

Snaky roads


Before leaving I spent some more time scouting around for the best panorama. Still can’t decide which of the too captures the soul of the place—all that I can do is, wonder.

DSC07038 copy

Queen of Hills - Mussoorie

Blue Hills Panorama

Blue Hills Panorama (click for larger view)



Day 9: Agra

The last halt of our journey was the Agra, with the sole purpose of seeing the Taj. No words can be wasted in describing the beauty of this monument. Reach there at the right time of the day and you will not be disappointed!

Taj Mahal Panorama

Taj Mahal Panorama (click for larger view)



DSC07138 Panorama copy

Left gate (click for larger view)

DSC07170 copy

Sunset over Agra

Rise of Taj

Rise of Taj

Sunset over Agra 2

Sunset over Agra 2


Day 10: Punjab Mail

Where are we going?

Where are we going?

AC compartments don’t really encourage photography, but I just could not resist.

16 responses to “Mussoorie Trip ’09

  1. 1st up, i love the narrative style. the hot seat was great : )

    gonna comment on the pics using their captions ~

    freshwater is just the stuff to lure tourists. picture perfect shot.

    heaven is nice, but not yet me thinks… or at least hopes : )

    fidgety birds are pesky to shoot.

    i like the bee on the flower as well.

    The flower macros are all good, loved the lizard : )

    I’m wondering if the lights of Dehradun could been over-exposed a bit more.

    the rise of taj one is hilarious !

    looking at ‘where are we going’ reminds me of the way some of my old film photos look rite now. makes me nostalgic.

    Now for my fav pics ! from the pans, it has to be the bhatta falls panorama. the best pic according to me is silver lining. loved it.

    • giovannidcunha

      the one i liked best was the Taj (framed)… Now that you say silver lining… that too looks good 😉

  2. Its simply superb……i love the captions…..time you change your profession you will be great in the tourism industry.

  3. Really nice pics!!!

  4. Hey Giovi!!!

    Awesome piczzzzz yaaaaa!!! seriously so cool!!! 😀

    my favz were da teas, dehradun fm above, Taj, framed n left gate!!! cant really choose which 1 is better than the other!!!

    Lookz like an awesome trip!!! Personally loved Mussorie a lot ven i went there!!! beautiful place!!! probably sm picz of da small shops sellin beaded jewellery, shawls n stuff wud hv also been nice!!! but m no photographer so u kno better!!! :)))

    Keep da good wrk!!! hp ur doin super well!!! :)))

    Loads of best wishes,


    • giovannidcunha

      thanks darl!
      had tons of more pics to be uploaded …. was really difficult to short list these.

  5. At last got to see the pictueres on your blog. Very well captured Jovi.

  6. Hey Giovi Seriously awsome pic.s…

  7. great photos i really enjoyed watching them

  8. B e a utiful snaps! ..n i love the way u’ve described ’em all. cool 🙂

  9. hi giovanni, great pictures.

  10. Absolute Fanatic Pics

  11. Great photos photographer babu….i love it

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