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The Countdown

The countdown has begun. And to keep track, the two of us got down to designing our own wedding calendar. One copy at her place and one at mine.

This is only the screenshot of the calendar. What with all the reminders and to-do lists all over it, it’s look has dramatically changed 😉

The Official Counter!

Angels, Demons & Ambigrams

Amen! I finally watched the film Angels & Demons.

And mind you it is not Robert Langdon’s interpretation of symbols that I am fascinated with, nor the manner in which Dan Brown weaves truth and fiction to hoodwink his readers. What I liked best are the ambigrams (words with rotational symmetry) — years of unrecognized work of John Langdon that shoots into the limelight with this book/film.

Here are the some of the ambigrams used in the film, and the final “illuminati diamond” (from the novel) that I have re-worked a bit in photoshop.

Yes. This is also an ambigram!

And here is the one I like best:

The Illuminati Diamond

Here is where you can generate an ambigram of your choice – Ambigram generator.

I made one of my name.

It's Jovi!

To heaven…

Another wedding to attend… another church…another picture!

This pic is a vertical panorama of 4 shots. I moved the final output to Lightroom and played around with the presets out there and I liked what I saw!

Our Lady of Piety Church, Divar

This church at Divar is magnificent. With ornately carved pillars, a spacious interior, and sunbeams pouring in from every window, it did feel heavenly!

Brief history:

The original chapel of Piedade, already existing in 1541, was rebuilt in 1625 and made into a parish church, dedicated to Nossa Senhora de Piedade (Our Lady of Piety). The construction of the present vaulted church began in 1700 and was completed in 1724.

Wild Weather

The weather is changing… And the more we cool our individual homes, cars and offices, the more the heat increases.

But this Saturday was a unique weather day. There was the heat (of course), and in Goa that gets accompanied with a sweat-load of humidity. But then came this sudden cloud cover, and the weather just… changed! (I even heard it rained that evening in some parts of South Goa!)

Heat, shade and rain

Now what do you say about that?

In the Quest of ZooZoos

I am back to a hobby. I wait each year for the IPL just for this… the ZooZoo ads! Their character is so universal in appeal that it goes beyond just the advertisement.

In a ZooZoo ad, language is not a barrier… you can sympathise, laugh or remain in suspense in 30 seconds flat! There are contests galore today to interpret what the ZooZoos say… these characters can be such a selling point.

I can already boast of a collection of videos, screensavers and wallpapers of the zoozoos (Anyone out there who wants any, get in touch…. offer still stocks last! )

There is just one place in Mumbai where you can buy authentic ZooZoo merchandise. I was looking at the mugs out there, but with the shipping charges, I shall wait for the products to be launched in Goa. So yesterday when I saw these keychains for sale, I could not resist getting another ZooZoo in my collection.

It's ZooZoo time!

The ZooZoos did have a rollicking time on my laptop.

Yo! Yo! (can anyone tell me what they are saying?)


This post does not attempt to promote any particular mobile service provider 🙂

Spring in the air!

Looked out of the window and saw these amazing flowers in full bloom. I agree, they are not uncommon, but with the deep blue sky as a background it was a picture I couldn’t resist capturing.

Spring in the air!

The flowers brought back childhood memories of times when I would collect these flowers (especially the ones just fallen to the ground), curl the petals backwards onto the stalks and pin them in. The result was a tiny ornament which I could wear in a button hole. And so I called these flowers “button-hole flowers.”

Toying with Transformers

It’s holiday time, not for me, but for my nephew and neice. And when I reached home from work yesterday, they had a plan up their tiny sleeves. They wanted to make a ‘Transformer movie’.

What rolled is entirely their plan.


It was a busy day in the city

Bumper-to-bumper traffic

… and what happened next was utterly unexpected.

Sideways (SW), 'the bad guy' according to Gavin, lands on the scene

There was confusion on the streets. He tossed and turned the cars around.

(For some reason Gavin wanted a retake of this shot again and again, tossing the cars around is what he likes best, I guess)

And then, help arrived. Bumblebee (BB), the most loved of the Autobots.

BB: STOP! You cannot hurt the humans

SW: Then I challenge YOU to a duel

(Mysteriously the topsy-turvy cars form a battle ring around the two transformer)

Boom!!! Boom!!! Pow!!!

BB knocks SW off his feet

... and claims VICTORY!!!

Optimus Prime makes a solemn entry

Optimus Prime: The Humans owe you their gratitude Bumble bee. We shall now depart to be part of their world

Far atop a skyscraper, the whole exchange is watched by evil eyes

To be continued…



Creative Artists: Megan & Gavin

Location: My computer table

Duration of shoot: 10 mins (minus the time I have to keep reminding them to be focussed on the work at hand)

Camera: Sony H50 (with the patient expertise of Giovanni)

(they now want to dub the whole sequence with dialogues they plan to conjure up this evening!)