Sea Shells on the Sea Shore – Quegdevelim beach

Quegdevelim Beach

Quegdevelim Beach

In my research on the Reis Magos fort (post to appear soon), using Google maps, I chanced upon a tiny beach on the other side of the Mandovi river. It was called Quegdevelim and nicknamed, Bathers’ Paradise. This weekend I decided to explore it.

Sea shells on the sea shore

Sea shells on the sea shore

Quegdevelim, is one of those beaches where you still find shells. An evidence that it is yet untouched by the vagaries of modern civilisation.

The beach itself is a very tiny, private kind of place, frequented by the families living around.

Rock formations - Mini waterfall

Rock formations - Mini waterfall

Worn by the tossing seas, the rocks are naturally cut into unique formations, such as mini-waterfalls like this.

The Rock is Alive!

The Rock is Alive!

Some were even covered by lush green algae.

It’s a place where I felt so much at home for the hour that I was there.

If you feel choked by the city, I guess, this beach can work wonders!

(Note: I recently got some information from my neighbour, Savio Fernandes, on the name of the beach. Quegdevelim originates from two Portuguese words: Quegde or Kegde means Kerim/Querim/Keri or water plant with long leaves found at the watersides while –Velim is valley)

4 responses to “Sea Shells on the Sea Shore – Quegdevelim beach

  1. I love the shells 😀

  2. I love the pics…especially the shells…william and I will be in goa in a few months…would love to go here….wud you be free Jovi???

    • No problem at all… however be aware that along this beach there are not many eating places/restaurants (which actually is a blessing) 😀

  3. Missing Goa….hope to make it there again in December :):) Sea Shell on the Sea Shore …..a nice tongue twister for my kidos….going to try it out it class.

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