Monthly Archives: November 2010

Consolation Prize

I like this concept… “Consolation Prize”… there are those who win First, Second and Third and there may be one or two others who have to be “consoled” 😉

I am not complaining… just overjoyed that my work was appreciated at a recent Photo Competition! Organised by the Salgaocar and titled “Saim Rang – Colors of Nature” this picture won the consolation prize in the Flora and Fauna category.

It’s time to brush up those photo skills!

You will never grow old

You will never grow old, while there is love in your heart…

This is the song that I can always associate with Mom and Dad. It was also the song that Dad sang for me on my wedding day. And so I decided to immortalise the words on a mug that reached them on their wedding anniversary! From their engagement pic to their latest pic … they remain… forever young!

you will never grow oldAnd for anyone looking for the lyrics (as sung by Nat King Cole):
You will never grow old
While there’s love in your heart.

Time may silver your golden hair
As you dream in an old rocking-chair,

So keep my love in your heart,
Remember the love-tales we told
For with my love in your heart, my darling,
You will never grow old.

Don’t be fretful, or regretful
That you will grow old much too soon.
With a love, dear, to dream of, dear,
You’ll stay like a rosebud in June.