Neem – The Flower

Was rushing off to work yesterday and happened to spot this outside out house.

I decided to follow on with a little research about this humble plant. Neem (Margosa/Indian lilac/Azadirachta indica) is a well known medicinal herb in tropical regions. However what I didn’t know was that the flowers also share in the glory. In South India Neem flower rasam is often prepared in the households in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This dish is must on Telugu New Years day. It is very good for nausea, vomitting loss of appetite, indigestion, and flatulence. Sometimes the Siddha physicians ask the patient to eat plain rice and neem flower rasam alone for lunch and dinner.

An alchoholic extract of Neem flowers is a proven anti-fertility agent in rats!

Amazing to comprehend the potential a tiny flower like this can contain 😉


One response to “Neem – The Flower

  1. I was looking for a photo of Neem and found your blog. Your photos are beautiful and made my heart happy – thank you! I’m going to put your link in my essential oil newsletter. ~Cynthia in Alaska

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