The other side of Panjim

Sometimes the world looks beautiful when you look at it from a new perspective.

Drove down the road on the other side of the Mandovi river with an intention to visit the Reis Magos fort there. And when I looked to the left there was the expanse of the Mandovi opening out into the sea.

The other side of Panjim

The other side of Panjim

[Click on the image for a better view]

This panorama is the outcome of 9 images stitched together. From Left to right you can see: A floating casino, the housing complex atop Betim, the dome of the legilative assembly of Goa, some more casinos, the Mandovi bridge, the Patto bridge, and finally the capital city of Goa on the other bank.

Received a few questions about how this image was captured and so I thought I would add a note to that:

1. Firstly, the individual images are clicked without a tripod! It was a just a casual drive in the evening when I saw the expanse of the river and knew i had to stop right there! Using a tripod though makes things much easier as you will shortly realise

2. The camera used was my trusty Sony H50. (You can use any digital camera to get panoramas like this!)

3. Care should be taken while taking the individual pics. What I usually do is pan the cam first without clicking using my palm as a pivot. I then take individual frames keeping 30% of overlap between the previous and the next. All these should be done in manual mode else the there will be unwanted compensation and other in camera effects that affect the stitching.

4. I then transfer the snaps to the comp. Using a program called PTGui gives me the most flexible stitch.

5. Final post-processing and cropping in Photoshop CS2 and bingo! you have your pano ready!

So get out there with your digi cam and take a few panos and let me know!


One response to “The other side of Panjim

  1. amazing!! could never tell there were nine images 🙂

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