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In the Quest of ZooZoos

I am back to a hobby. I wait each year for the IPL just for this… the ZooZoo ads! Their character is so universal in appeal that it goes beyond just the advertisement.

In a ZooZoo ad, language is not a barrier… you can sympathise, laugh or remain in suspense in 30 seconds flat! There are contests galore today to interpret what the ZooZoos say… these characters can be such a selling point.

I can already boast of a collection of videos, screensavers and wallpapers of the zoozoos (Anyone out there who wants any, get in touch…. offer still stocks last! )

There is just one place in Mumbai where you can buy authentic ZooZoo merchandise. I was looking at the mugs out there, but with the shipping charges, I shall wait for the products to be launched in Goa. So yesterday when I saw these keychains for sale, I could not resist getting another ZooZoo in my collection.

It's ZooZoo time!

The ZooZoos did have a rollicking time on my laptop.

Yo! Yo! (can anyone tell me what they are saying?)


This post does not attempt to promote any particular mobile service provider 🙂