Miniature World: Tilt-Shift Photography

In a mistaken coincidence my post on the Chocolate trip was misquoted as an example of tilt-shift photography.

Tilt-Shift photography, in fact, refers to the use of tilt for selective focus, often for simulating a miniature scene. Source

This post will illustrate this technique which I have come to love. All  you need is a picture clicked from a high vantage point, and a focal point of interest in it.

Enter the wide world of littleness!

Hilly road

Research location

Mumbai Metro

Parking space

Charni Road

Dining with Grandad

Mini car

Mini house

Mini entrance

Mini boats

Mini church

Mini cemetary

Model village


7 responses to “Miniature World: Tilt-Shift Photography

  1. wow, nice pics ! 😀 charni road and dinner with grandad look very good 😀

  2. charni road looks very good… captured with its old bombay charm 🙂

  3. Nice. “Hilly road” is quite good.

  4. These are great! It looks like you used a radial blur instead of a reflected blur; but they turned out fantastic!

  5. Very great collection
    I also collection tilt-shift photos
    videos and tutorials on my blog

  6. These are just excellent. Amazing job. Got directed here after seeing a post of yours on DPS.

  7. Thanks everyone!

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