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Chocolate Man

Melt and pour. Melt and pour. It sounded simple. That was all I needed to remember to make chocolate

Chocolate-making is something I would not have dreamt of venturing into if not for a very supportive better half, and lots of valuable suggestions from colleagues at work!

We bought the chocolate compound, searched high and low for the molds, kept the cats out of the kitchen (who found the chocolate aroma even more irresistible than fish!)

And then I realized…. Chocolate-making is a messy affair! The recipe was simple, but for me the simplest situation can turn into an emergency! But I stood the test! And after an hour of messy fingers, messy microwave and messy kitchen top, there were some yummy looking chocolate bonbons!


You are all invited!!!

Christmas time once more!

Times change, feelings remain the same… And even if this is a digital greeting, I hope the warmth of Christmas reaches all of you through this little Christmas wish!

christmas card 2010

Playdough Christmas

What’s so unique about this Christmas tree? Take a closer look before scrolling down… 😉

Whats in the Christmas tree?

The title of this post might have given the surprise away but yes, the deco on the tree is majorly playdough!

Holly Leaves - Playdough

Candy Canes Playdough

From Holly leaves to candy canes…

Frosty the Snowman Playdough

… and Frosty the Snowman thrown in for good luck!

Santa Claus Playdough

Not forgetting Santa Claus, wishing everyone a “Creative” Christmas!!!

Megan has done it again!

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Christmas – A time to get closer

There’s something about Christmas time
that makes you wish it was Christmas every day
~ Bryan Adams (Christmas Time)

It always fascinates me that around Christmas time what makes news are people making their way to loved ones and stranded because of snow-storms or hiked airline tickets!

We long to be around those we love at this time of the year. As a kid, I remember spending the Christmas holidays with my grandparents.

While cleaning up our ancestral home, I found this tiny crib.

Miniature Crib

Its only a few centimeters in height, but the detail is accurate. I can’t say how old it is, but I guess this moment is timeless in itself.

Miniature Crib details

The crib was a prized possession of my grandad, who had quite an array of collectibles in a tiny glass cupboard. I clearly remember this crib being one of them.

Miniature Crib details 2

I stared at it for a long time, and my dad said: “Keep it. It will remind you that Christmas is about the little things in life… “

Mother of Pearl Christmas

In the world of digital communication, sending and or even receiving, a “real” Christmas card is a rarity! So this Christmas we decided to get back to the drawing board… and make our own “cards”!

It was a spur of the moment decision that my wife and I headed for the Bambolim beach for a quiet evening. And there we made a chance discovery. In a tiny stream opening out into the sea were numerous of these shells tossing along. We challenged each other into collecting the most, little knowing that they would end up as our Christmas cards.

Mother of pearl Christmas Card

These “shells” are called Mother-of-Pearl. They were once a common site on the windows of Portuguese villa houses (and today adorn a number of resorts!)

Mother of Pearls are considered an organic mineral and created by mollusks, either oysters or abalones.  These mollusks secrete fine proteins whose chemical compound is calcium carbonate, the same that is found in marble and aragonite. This substance is primarily secreted to protect itself from parasitic organisms. The substance of Mother of Pearl is the same substance created when an oyster forms a pearl! While Mother Pearls are usually a glossy or very shiny white, they can also be a slight gray or iridescent color.

Mother of pearl finds itself chopped up as part of tiles for flooring, it is also used for coating sinks and was once used extensively for buttons on jackets, coats and shirts.

On a mystical front, the white iridescent color of the Mother of Pearl can make one feel very peaceful and less stressful and calm!

An appropriate way to wish everyone the peace and warmth of Christmas!

Mother of pearl christmas cards

Cat Light

One of those interesting moments that come your way when there are pets around.

We decided to light up the Christmas tree a little in advance, but first thought it best to get Sno-Brow accustomed to the light. And so I plug the series lights in and their reactions were worth capturing!

Sno-Brow and the lightsAt first they both looked tentatively at the flickering light bulbs, keeping a safe distance. Snowy then edged close and tapped the lowest bulbs and jumped back when the lights swung in her face! Brownie on the other hand sat transfixed gazing at the light patterns on the wall.

All in all, I guess putting up the lights on the tree might not be a very good idea this year… because in a few minutes Sno-Brow teamed up to attack the vicious “glowing insects” and the whole pilot test had to be called off 😉

Christmas-sy feeling again

While looking around for some inspirational Christmas pictures, I came upon this triptych. There was something that caught my eye in this oil painting. A king was represented as of African descent! This led me to do a little research.

Magi (wise men from the East), in the Gospel account of Christ’s birth, saw a new star and, believing it to be a divine omen, came to honor the one marked for future greatness. Ancient astronomers were astrologists, interpreting their observations of the heavens in relation to human affairs. The wise men were traditionally depicted as of different ages, and, by the Renaissance, the youngest was depicted as an African.

Pieter Coecke van Aelst (August 14, 1502 – December 6, 1550) was a Flemish painter is the creator of the “Adoration of the Magi”. Pieter Coecke traveled to Constantinople in 1533 to work for the Turkish Sultan. From this experience, he knew how to depict Near Easterners and Africans accurately. The altarpiece was commissioned by Elisabeth van Langenhove, according to the damaged inscription on the frame.

So much for the academics! Warm Christmas wishes to everyone!!! 🙂