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Forbidden Fruit

The forbidden fruit does taste sweeter!

With 5 minutes left for a nuptial mass to begin at a friend’s wedding, I could not resist sneaking my camera out of its case and swiping off a few shots of the church. I call it ‘a new level’ of photography 😉

And what resulted was a decently seamless panorama.

Immaculate Conception Church - Moira


About the Church: Originally built in 1636, this church underwent many renovations. It has an imposing facade with a central false dome. The bell of the church originally came from the seminary church of the Jesuit College of St Solhe at Monte Santo in Old Goa. The Church is built in the Rococo period and style


After a bit of deliberation, I thought of adding a pic of the facade of the church too. Enjoy!

Facade of the Moira Church