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It only takes a moment…

It takes 50 seconds to cross the Mandovi bridge in minimum traffic… it takes 10 seconds to get the camera case open and set it to continuous shutter mode… but it only takes a fraction of a second to capture one image that freezes time itself!

sunset on Mandovi bridge
(and it always helps to have someone by your side while driving who can think like you!)

Cross the bridge when you get there

This is a bridge I need to cross every day on my way to work.

A colleague once made a very humorous remark. She was complaining that her little daughter needed to learn swimming at school. To make matters worse, the school trains the toddlers learn to swim across the river Mandovi! She added: “Why swim across this river, when there will be always be a bridge!” 😉

Mandovi nights

Mandovi nights

The parallel bridges across the river Mandovi are a sight to behold at night. The sound of the traffic dashing across, the reflected lights in the river, and best of all… the silence in the heart of a noisy town (as long as you don’t mind the mosquitoes while you’re there!)


  1. Mandovi Bridge, Goa was awarded THIRD prize in the competition for Most outstanding Bridge National Awards 1995 – Category II by Indian Institute of Bridge Engineers in the year 1995
  2. During the 1980’s the Panaji bridge was notorious for its collapses and in order to ferry heavy transport vehicles a new road bridge was constructed. This bridge of Goa is very useful nowdays as earlier the people had to travel to Panjim via the ferry that shuttles between Panjim’s old steamer jetty and the Betim settlement.
  3. Even though the magnificient Mandovi bridge now looks sturdy many people still travel by the ferry service available every 15 mins from Betim to Panjim and vice versa across the Mandovi river. I too, am terrified if stuck in a traffic jam atop the bridge

We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.
– Tom Stoppard (British dramatist)

And as someone else added…

“…I got tired of waking up to the smell of burning bridges.” 🙂