The Resource Child

It’s a sad moment to see defeat in the eyes of a child.

While the whole class participated in the demo being conducted, she was alone in an the extreme corner of the class. When a question was directed to her, she eagerly stood up to answer. But words failed her. The rest of the class quickly came to her ‘rescue’ and labeled her, “Resource”. The teacher directed the question elsewhere and she was alone again.

The demo went on. Litmus papers turned from blue to red and red to blue. Inferences were drawn… but the girl was alone.


4 responses to “The Resource Child

  1. What brought this about?

  2. hmmm… what does “resource” mean? any reason why they called her that? i haven’t come across that term be used for kids before.

    • “Resource” is a term for children with learning disabilities in an inclusive classroom… what some would call “special children”.

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