Carnival Time

It’s difficult to separate the word Goa from the concept of Carnival.  Any tourist brochure, travel package or billboard describing Goa will have at least one snapshot of the vibrance and joie de vivre seen at a Carnival parade in Goa.

CARNIVAL 2011 King Momo Entourage

This year may have not been a very colorful parade, but the spirit was there!

CARNIVAL 2011 - Traditional Goan Sweets "Kusvar"
Spectators stamped on toes, broke barricade restraints and stretched their necks as hard as they could to watch the floats going by (at least that is what I had to do to get a few clear shots :))

CARNIVAL 2011 - Live MusicCARNIVAL 2011 - If its Goa it has to be Fish!

Here is a snapshot of the many snapshots that I managed to take that day… which I call, the Faces of the Carnival.

CARNIVAL 2011 - MaskCARNIVAL 2011 - "Real" estateCARNIVAL 2011 - My rideCARNIVAL 2011 - One Man bandCARNIVAL 2011 - Titos! Where else?CARNIVAL 2011 - The Horror of InflationCARNIVAL 2011 - Wild BouncerCARNIVAL 2011 - Pirate de River PrincessCARNIVAL 2011 - Those Demon EyesCARNIVAL 2011 - The Old and the Beautiful

CARNIVAL 2011 - Government Servant?Can’t wait for the carnival next year!!!

CARNIVAL 2011 - Waiting


One response to “Carnival Time

  1. great pics 🙂 they really dress up for this, don’t they 😉 😛 the last photo looks epic 😀

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