Photowalk 2010

It’s that time of the year when I cast a quick glance at the months gone by. 12 months captured in 12 significant moments!



2010 began with a bang! This was the month I got engaged… and the celebrations flowed!


Hope floats

A rare moment captured while a little boy looked longingly at his mother. This picture titled “Hope” featured in a Photography Contest on World Photography Day.


March flower

Delving deeper into the realm of macro photography. This was a tiny flower picked up as “memorabilia” on a long road trip to Karwar


Divar Church Panorama

Attended a nuptial service at the beautiful church on an equally beautiful island.


Playdough FarmWhile my niece sharpened her skills at playdough, I saw another opportunity at Photography. This is one of the pictures from her entire collection titled Farmville


Wedding rings of June

From the engagement to the most important month for me this year… the day I got married!


Airport lounge panorama

A weekend getaway to Mumbai had this pleasant surprise for me. This is the first time I tried a bit of HDR in post processing.


Anmod waterfall Slow shutterA long drive with very good friends and fantastic scenery rolling out all along the Anmod Ghats.


Dandeli Buffalo scene

A camping trip after years! This buffalo scene is created in the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary.  (Look closely, they are not real buffaloes!)


Treasure on DPS

This picture was created for the assignment “Treasure” on DPS. (In this case, the pearls are real!)


Break the rule of thirds DPS

Clicked this image for another DPS assignment submission, “breaking the rule of thirds”


Catlight christmasChristmas preparations and while testing the lights, our pets had their own explorations!

Happy New Year 2011!!!

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