Chocolate Man

Melt and pour. Melt and pour. It sounded simple. That was all I needed to remember to make chocolate

Chocolate-making is something I would not have dreamt of venturing into if not for a very supportive better half, and lots of valuable suggestions from colleagues at work!

We bought the chocolate compound, searched high and low for the molds, kept the cats out of the kitchen (who found the chocolate aroma even more irresistible than fish!)

And then I realized…. Chocolate-making is a messy affair! The recipe was simple, but for me the simplest situation can turn into an emergency! But I stood the test! And after an hour of messy fingers, messy microwave and messy kitchen top, there were some yummy looking chocolate bonbons!


You are all invited!!!

2 responses to “Chocolate Man

  1. Welcome to the world of baking…..whatever made you think making chocolate would not be a messy affair!!! 😮

    they do look delightful, lovely shapes, save me some (or you “will” be made to make them when ever I am there)!!!

    So give us details….. dark chocolate or milk? solid or hollow or with filling?

    • Yes! The process was quite messy… I have always associated cooking with “clean” 😉
      The chocolates I could make anytime! It’s a promise!!!
      These are solid dark chocolate.. with the with a rum+raisin core 🙂

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