Daily Archives: December 20, 2010

Every tongue tells a story

Snowy is in the news again… and this time for another rare personality trait!

Snowy tongue habit

Over the past few days we noticed her sleeping with her tongue out. And there were two views. While I thought she was being cutely arrogant (and an excellent photo opportunity), my better half got a bit worried and wanted to know if this is a symptom of something to be worried about.

So here is my research!

Many cats do this and it is nothing to worry about. Cats most often leave their tongue sticking out when they are grooming themselves. Sometimes they will lick their fur and then stop for a moment. At this point their tongue is sticking out a little bit (time to make a grab for the camera!)

However, you may need to be concerned if your cat’s mouth stays open all the time. If this is happening, your cat may have injured his mouth, and it may be time to see a veterinarian.

Serious issues connected with tongues sticking out:

  1. Tooth problems
  2. Gingivitis (tongue sores)
  3. Pharyngeal problems (accompanied with discomfort while eating and difficult swallowing)
  4. Diseases affecting the central nervous system can cause the tongue to stick out (Toxoplasmosis, feline infectious peritonitis and feline immunodeficiency virus are possible diseases that can cause neurologic signs in cats)
  5. Acromegaly (a hormonal disease) makes the tongue enlarge and it may stick out slightly when this occurs. This is disease in which there is too much production of growth hormone and it causes increased drinking and urination, increased appetite, enlargement of the head, separation of the teeth (they move apart as the jaw grows), heart disease and other symptoms.

And here is the verdict:

Snowy has nothing to worry. Other than sticking her tongue out while sleeping, she is perfectly fine! (and doesn’t mind us being privy to her daftness) 😉 … let the camera roll!