The artist is a receptacle for emotions derived from anywhere: from the sky, from the earth, from a piece of paper, from a passing figure, from a spider’s web. Whether he wants it or not, man is the instrument of nature

~ Pablo Picasso

Artists derive inspiration from nature… but for a city-dweller where every inch of green is potential “real estate” for another concrete eye-sore, there will soon be no space to “stand and stare”.

So when Megan (my neice) came up with this elaborate playdough ‘farm-ville’, all I could do was stand and stare … and click!

Before you read on, I’d like to pose a challenge to you as she did to me. “Try and spot as many details as you can from the above picture”

Do not assume she is blindly inspired by virtual reality on the addictive social networking site, Facebook. With the little that her mother described about farming, combined with the knowledge in school here is her creation

The farm is divided into elaborate patches growing her favorite veggies.

And then I noticed detail… There were special attractions on the farm!

For a child who has not stepped into a farm, and may never know one, I think she deserves a round of applause!

[Click this link for an earlier work of art by Megan: The Play Dough Story]

3 responses to “Farmville

  1. wow, great stuff 😀 those veggies actually look quite good… especially loved the carrot and turnips and the corn field 😀

  2. My gosh!! Megan!! This is by far one of the nicest play-dough farms I have every seen in my whole life!!
    And those vegetables. They look so real. And you mixed red and white for the turnips! Such attention to detail.
    The whole thing is very very good Megan.

    I’m an admirer of your work.

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