Dam it! in Selaulim

What would be your reaction if you planned a trip, charted the route, packed the essentials and drove two hours to a breathtaking view, only to find security guards who say, NO CAMERAS ALLOWED… well yes… Dam it! Ironically, it was the Selaulim dam that was the target this time. 🙂

Selaulim dam - Sanguem

Thanks to digital camera technology (and cell phone cameras), I did manage to get a few shots from afar…

What's that spray

I read that the Selaulim dam ranks as one of the ten best dams in India… and not surprising. As we walked along the perimeter we were drawn towards a 10 meter high water spray.

Duckbill spillway - Selaulim dam

It was the famed “duckbill spillway” of the Selaulim dam. Water that is released makes its way to over 50% of Goa’s population that includes Salcete, Marmagoa and Quepem Talukas.

Unable to brave too much of the scorching afternoon sun, we moved on… and took a short detour to another archaeological treasure — a ‘transplanted temple.’

Mahadeva Temple, Kurdi - Selaulim

The 11th century Mahadeva Temple is a little distance away from the Selaulim dam.

Garbhagriha - Mahadeva Temple

Originally located on the banks of the river Selaulim. The construction of the dam across the Selaulim river threatened the submergence of this temple hence it was systematically dismantled and reconstructed at this place with a similar topographical setting!

Work of Art Triptych

The triptych displays the complexity of reassembling a work of art — a couple of female devotees on either side of the door jamb, markings on every single stone of the sanctuary and the lintels and drains on the walls

We had spanned the ancient with the modern and it was time to return home.


7 responses to “Dam it! in Selaulim

  1. whoa!!! nice capture of the duckbill!!! it looks amazing 😀 is that what causes the spray? looks just like the marine drive / gateway photos we see here every monsoon 😀 good shots with the temple and is that chalk scribbling i see on the walls… hope its not the usual messages that litter our monuments 😉

    • Hey … its not chalk scribbling… I purposely used flash to capture that It is the markings for the orientation and location of each stone in the structure..

      Thanks for the compliments!

  2. Hi Giovi,

    The panoramic view of the dam is really good. Great going!!!

  3. Nice photopost this one! Loved the pan and the spray 😀 Maybe, u should get pro, giovi.

  4. Im planning to work on mhadev temple kurdi sanguem as ma disertation topic.

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