Fields and Flowers

Once an idea gets into your head, it remains there… and pushes you to do something about it.

This time it was the idea to get out somewhere on the weekend… anywhere… But when a variety of factors coalesce together on the work-family-home front, from domestic chores to incomplete assignments, there were only a couple of hours before the mind begins to panic at the dawn of another Monday!

So with the breeze in our face (and a bit of drizzle), and the wind in our hair, we decided to explore the territory closest to home—around Porvorim! The plan was to detour off the Mandovi bridge, ride along the river and make our way to the other side of the Chorao island.


These marshy regions are home to a number of migratory birds once the rains have past. (Note to self: Have to visit these places around Oct-Nov again). Some chose to call it ‘wastelands’ (being non-agricultural), I choose to call it ‘home’

Flowers in the fields

Every part of the fields were filled with flowers!


From a distance they look unattractive, but move in closer and you will find beauty beyond compare!


The place is a labyrinth of interconnected waterways.


Any place that you stop offers a serene and calm view.

senenity-calm water

The mind was refreshed. It was time to head back.

One response to “Fields and Flowers

  1. great monsoon photos, as usual 😛 its great the way you keep discovering these random places ‘close to you’ 😛

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