Pictures from a Plane – Part II

Another trip, another flight… and a new airport. This time it was the Mumbai Domestic Airport*.

There was one thing that I realized about myself. The first thought that runs through my mind when I visit a new place is that I compare it with the old. Be it the food I eat, the shops I visit or the service I get. There is always a sub-conscious benchmark that I gauge the new experience with.

The verdict this time… the flight was on time, there was not much of entertainment at the airport lounge and so the pictures were few.

Mumbai airport lounge HDR pan

Airport lounge HDR pan

Lounge chairs

Two's company

Lounge Lanterns

Lounge Lanterns

Flight take off

Take off

… that’s the Worli sea face below (missed clicking the Sea-link because of flight restrictions on electronics during take off)

Airplane lunch

The meal at 7100 m

Plane landing


And before you know it, the plates have been cleared and its time to land.

* I prefer this name to the utterly confusing, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport


5 responses to “Pictures from a Plane – Part II

  1. hehe 😀 what’s the flight time like? dad used to joke that the plane would spend more time in acsent and descent than in ‘flight’ when going to bangalore… i think goa would be much shorter 🙂

    loved the HDR pan btw, and as for sealink… i can’t see it too well… 😦 stupid clouds #&@*#

  2. Lovely pics Giovi!! I love the pan too 🙂 …Elton, don’t fret… Giovi said he couldn’t click the sea-link, so obviously you can’t see it -_- 😛

  3. Sir, your photography is out of this world!!!!- a fan as always 🙂

  4. Oh! Nostalgia hit me 🙂 I have similar pics too..should look them on and put them out!!

    • Would like to see them!!! I assumed at first that you dont like pics so much…. Your blog has more text content 😉

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