The Last Beach – Polem

The place is ‘Polem’. The last beach on the southernmost tip of Goa and the drive promised to be an adventure.

Yes, it is

Took off from Mapusa at 7:00 am and with just one halt at a very scenic place for black tea and bhaji – pav, reached Polem precisely at 10:15 am.

Chai Time on the way

Polem beach is just off the main highway NH17 which proceeds to Karwar.

Beach Panorama

The first sight of the short expanse of sand, almost a tiny alcove felt so welcoming!
For the entire morning there was no one at the beach… save a few dogs and water birds.

Scouting bird

This one was a treat to follow around and watch it scouting for tiny crabs.

Where is my food?

The 'food' scuttles for safety

It was time for some sea-food!

Sea food shack

It was from a shack like this that food arrived! An extremely spicy plate of squids!

It's alive!

What followed was a long walk on the beach, collecting some really shiny shells and generally taking in the sights

Timing is everything

Did I mention, that Polem is just 15 kms from Karwar (Karnataka), and we decided to make a quick foray into the neighbouring state…

Besides the surprisingly cheap vegetables and fish we got out there, there were two stops:

Rabindranath Tagore Beach

It always surprises me that beaches in places other than Goa need to have so many other distractions for visitors. This one boasted of a children’s park, a walkway and a warship museum… is the beach not enough…?

This is the Museum 😉

Evening tea at Karmal Ghat, and we were back in Goa.

I got just what i was looking for – a long drive and an enriching experience… the journey was important, not the destination!

Bye Bye Karwar

4 responses to “The Last Beach – Polem

  1. haha, goa tourism in the first photo 😛
    the beach panorama just looks way too hot… was it really as hot as the pic makes it look? the bird and the crab pics are great as usual 😛 and btw, what’s that ‘it’s alive’?? looks scary if it is indeed 😀 perfect timing on the timing is everything 😛 and finally the warship museum… was there only one ship? guess that’s why its the war’ship’ museum XD…

    phew, great pics tho 😀

    • It was as hot as it looks! that is why there was nobody on the beach… The “alive” thing was some kind of sea anemone I guess…or a cluster of sea creatures. And as for the last question, there was only one war ship… which is the museum… you can go around inside checking out the engine, launchers etc

  2. Amazing pics, as usual Gio. Love the detail. Lets hope this beach remains the same for our children too.

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