Monte & Music

The Chapel on the Mount, came alive this weekend with its annual 3-day music festival. The first day that I attended attempted to harmonize Indian classical and Western classical forms of music.

Monte Music Festival 2010

I see the Monte as offering a double-treat. There’s music for those who love melodies, and the backdrop for the sunset performances at the venue makes it a treat for photographers!

Sunset backdrop

Day 1: Guitar-Sitar fusion

Performances are staged in the chapel and in the courtyard. The first day displayed a fusion between the guitar (Manuel Leao) and sitar (Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan)

Manuel Leao

That’s Manuel Leao, who humorously said, even if the audience didn’t have a good time, the mosquitoes sure did!

Monte Chapel Panorama

This was followed by a mesmerizing violin and piano recital by Pheroze Mistri and Delia Varga inside the chapel.

Light effects

The leaves would not have been as green without the clever light effects 😉

And here is the brochure for those who might want to read more

4 responses to “Monte & Music

  1. nice portrait of Manuel Leao (that’s the guitarist rite?) did you manage all three days ?

  2. Dear Giovanni Please let me use the 2 photos, as I would have allowed you if you asked me beforehand.
    By the way, nice caption concerning the mosquitos – keep it up!!

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