Airtel angst


AIRTEL conspiracy


Am I being the target of a secret conspiracy of Airtel????

It’s Friday the 13th for me in all its glory!

I started off the day on a shoestring balance of Rs 52 and now it has come down to Rs. -3.00!!!

9:50 am

I get this message:

Your subscription to Audio Movies has been renewed! To enjoy call 505999555 or to deactivate call 505999555.

(please notice both the numbers are the same! So if you call to deactivate, you are still charged for enjoying the service!)… and can anybody tell me what are “audio movies”???

11:08 am

After an angry reprimand to the helpline people I got that deactivated (free of cost!!!)

11:12 am

Not less than 5 mins from that call, I get a message saying:

Welcome to Hello Tunes. You have been charged Rs. 20 for 20 days subscription. You will be charged Rs. 30/month on next renewal.

Hello!!! I HATE Hello tunes, both on my phone and on those who find they act as a signature of themselves!

11:13 am

To add salt to the injury

You have been charged Rs 15 and your callers will now hear Tadap tadap as your Hello Tune.

For those who understand Hindi, this song reflected my mood in all its entirety!

From then to now, I was trying to get in touch with the Customer Service at AirTel… no success!

Call me paranoid but all this stinks of a conspiracy!!!

Picture courtesy: India Broadband Forum

UPDATE!!!Airtel strikes again!

This time I got the unwanted “value added service” (which was not adding any value) removed in record time.

And so I thought of listing out the steps to get straight to a customer care executive

1. Call 121 (the *121# service is only namesake!)

2. Press 2… listen for a while and press 9

3. Press 1 to confirm immediately

4. Be patient and listen to ads placed for better tariffs and special offers… with the intermittant assurance that “Your call is important to us, our customer care executives are busy answering queries of other customers” (I sometimes wonder the number of irate calls they may be receiving every minute to keep them on so busy!)

NOTE: Calling customer care is charged! 50 paisa per 3 minutes… the choice is yours!

And then send feedback on your recent interaction with customer care… this sms is free! How generous of Airtel!

UPDATE: 12 October 2010

I made another discovery today. Here is a link to stop unwanted calls to your airtel mobile number.

You will be directed to the “Do Not Disturb” page on the official Airtel site. Enter your mobile number and rest assured that in 45 days you will not be disturbed… I am in the waiting period!

6 responses to “Airtel angst

  1. Oh you poor dear boy!

    Well if it is any consolation, wierd things like that happen here too….although not with Fri & 13th to be exact…but they do…

    Imagine the plight when your bank had debited your a/c for something that you have not subscribed to…and of course some similar mobile stuff, however I am not aware if there is anything here equivalent to hello tunes? That I presume is the caller waiting tune whilst the person answers his/her mobile isnt it??

    • Yup… that is what Hello tunes is supposed to be… but imagine if the one calling you hears:
      Tadap tadapke is dil se aah nikalti rahi hai
      Mujhko saza di pyaar ki aisa kya gunaah kiya
      To lut gaye haan lut gaye
      To lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mein

  2. LOL …laughing cum crying matter….

    sorted yet?

  3. LOL..
    sorry man..

    I hate airtel too..
    but this has to be the best story i have heard so far..

    TADAP TADAP was the icing on the cake…

    Take care bro..
    so what did you do finally..

  4. hahahhahha… dis is seriouslyy too funny!!!!! here i went thro a similar crappy experience wh da virgin broadband customer sevice ppl put u on hold 4 wat seemz like a lifetime.. evn givin u a choice of waitin music!!!!! n then send u a hefty fone bill 4 dat call!!!! so i understnd!!! 😀

    n by da way uve been charged Rs 25/- 4 dis comment!!! ;)))

  5. oh! I so miss India..:p I know how it feels..funny and frustrating but some how sitting far from home, I will not mind any Phone service or Customer Care-for that matter..till the time it is Indian!! I hardly get any clarifications on my phone service here and even when I do- I fail to understand how it all works!?! CC calls also costs you so I generally quit! Though I had initial issues,I must tell that now I am fine.

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