Happy Diwali

Diwali Dhamaka

Diwali Dhamaka

A good picture with a good message and a thought to go with it.

I picked up this picture from one of the popular social networking websites, however I was thrilled by the message that the picture was bundled with. Read in the papers yesterday that this year a number of college students are going to celebrate Diwali minus the noise. Hats off to them!

As for why this picture struck a chord for me… I was taken back to my childhood when I would see these crackers and shudder with fear at the thought of lighting them. Even now, if I ever see anyone lighting up one of these, my fingers don’t take more than a fraction of a second to plug my ears 🙂


5 responses to “Happy Diwali

  1. really??
    come on…thats the fun…..

    of course not those extra long “ladi’s” those can be annoying….but some other crackers are just pure fun…..even not too noisy!

  2. i see that natsy has forgotten that diwali is supposed to be the festival of “lights” and not festival of “noise” but then again, so has most of ‘bomb’ay… oh well, here’s to what’s hopefully a quieter diwali !

  3. “Diwali is a festival of lights, not a festival of noise!” 😀 great thought indeed (all great people think alike)

  4. hello!!…now do you forget that certain lovely non-noisy crackers also give “beautiful colours of light”!

    e.g. sparklers, cones, chakras thingys ….these are not noisy!!

    a fireworks display in the sky…well that is different…that can be noisy and sometimes not…

    oh btw….you come here, then I’ll show you where did I spend almost 4.5 years….trust me any kind of sound is like civilization to me now!!

  5. Things seem to have gotten worse this year, there were the “noisy firecrackers” all the way up to 1am this year! even the cops played truant… maybe they were busy with diwali too…



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