Better Batteries

That's an investment!

That's an investment!

Everyone around me seems to be buying a new laptop these days. I bought a new battery instead 😀

For months now I saw the steady decline in backup time the current battery gave me, until one day died. This left me with a decision and a prospect of burning a hole in my pocket again.  And so I bought the new battery (for your information: an original ACER laptop battery costs Rs 800 more in Goa than in Mumbai)

The next I wanted to know was how to increase the life span of the battery…  I looked up the net and found equally confusing views.

Opinion 1: There are fixed number of charge cycles for a battery, after which its performance declines.
Opinion 2:  Do not wait for a battery to discharge completely to charge it again.
Opinion 3: Do not worry about leaving a battery connected to AC power continuously.  There is a chip to disconnect the battery from the mains once it is completely charged.

On a lighter vein, I knew of someone who physically takes off the battery once it is charged and uses only AC power. However, if the power fails suddenly… pop goes the BIOS and the document you are working on!

I wanted an answer.  After following a few google search pages and a few twitter updates… this is these best resource i came up with: Laptop battery maintenance and Battery University

If not a new laptop, at least I can boast about a new laptop battery!


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