What do you say?

I must admit… I love comments… probably that was the subconscious motivation for me to begin this blog… I like comments about my photographs (usually from my photographer friend, Elton), comments on my dressing sense (from Merci) and finally comments about my lifestyle (from my parents).

I guess I am not the only one who loves comments. I know of the other side… people who love to comment… without them the world would not be complete.

In the span of a day I am bombarded with comments. Comments that are direct… comments that are subtle. Comments that are constructive… and the class of comments that are always late… How many times have I kicked myself saying, “Why didn’t I say that earlier.”

Came across this cartoon recently and I must admit, it did make me smile… and in fact inspired me to pen down these ideas.

Your comments are welcome!!!



One response to “What do you say?

  1. OOpss!! so sad too notice no comments on this blog yet!!!!!

    I guess thts for appreciating only certain ppls comments!!!! 😛

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