The Cooler


The Cooler

The Cooler

Never been much of a fan of Vegas-films, but this one had me glued. Can a person be a total loser all his life… and can love make all the difference… and finally the biggest question… can luck be personified?

The film is an adult fairy tale alright, with luck and love as its main characters. But what gripped me was the body language of the lead character Bernie (played by William H. Macy). Bernie appears to wear the same suit in the entire film. But according to the director’s commentary, he was given three suits to wear during filming. During scenes where Bernie was hapless and unlucky, he wore a suit that was two sizes too big for him. During scenes where his luck was starting to turn around, he wore a suit that was one size too big for him. After he falls in love and is extremely lucky, he wears a perfectly tailored suit. Also, as Bernie’s luck improves, the lighting surrounding him gets brighter, and his shirt and tie go from dark and subdued to bright and colorful. (

Subconscious messages indeed!


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